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  1. Luis
    Luis / 4-2-2022 / ·


    I´m interested to resale Quadcopter Drones in Portugal, is it possible?

    Best regards,
    Luis Gonçalves

    1. Amanda
      Amanda / 11-21-2015 / ·


      This is Amanda from Brotherhobby Co., Ltd. we are professional RC model accessories manufacturer in Shenzhen of China.

      Our main products line as below,

      Brushless Motor: multicopter brushless motor, airplane motor, EDF outrunner
      ESC: Simonk ESC, OPPT ESC, BLheli ESC, smaller and slighter ESC
      Propeller: 4045, 5030,5045,6030,6045,9450 etc, and various bullnose prop and self tightening with different color.
      Battery: Lipo battery

      In addition, DJI phantom 3 parts are our hot selling products..

      Looking forward to your early reply.

  2. Brian Erwin
    Brian Erwin / 4-2-2022 / ·


    I work at camera bag design company Think Tank Photo. We have just released the Airport Helipak backpack. It is designed to easily hold a quadcopter plus a 15” laptop, controller, GoPros®, WiFi range extender, charger, spare rotors, extra batteries, and a Delvcam Camera-Top 7″ HDMI LCD Monitor, while still complying with airline carry-on size requirements.

    The product URL is:

    Would you like to test one? If so, send me your name, street mailing address, and phone number and we’ll ship it right out.


  3. Mona
    Mona / 8-5-2021 / ·

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Glad to know you are on the market for multirotor /smart aircraft, this is Mona from Sextant Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd,we specialize in this field for 7 years,with the  experienced R&D team, our products can meet any of your requirements.Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Best regards!
    Mona Wu
    Guangzhou Sextant Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
    Add:14th Bldg & 32th Factory, No.828, Maogang Road, Huangpu, Guangzhou, China

  4. Amanda
    Amanda / 8-8-2021 / ·


    This is Amanda from Brotherhobby Co., Ltd.
    I obtained your company name and email address from the Internet. 

    we are professional RC model accessories manufacturer in Shenzhen of China.

    Our main products line are RC brushless motor, ESC, propeller, with the strength of servo, battery and remote control etc.

    In addition, we can custom make motors for you, so you can provide the exact data you need.

    Looking forward to your early reply.

  5. Josh A
    Josh A / 10-2-2022 / ·

    I am looking to represent some high end quadcopters and multi-rotors. Anyone have any leads for me?

    1. Lewis
      Lewis / 10-19-2015 / ·

      Hello, This is Lewis from Shenzhen Wingsland Technology Co.,Ltd, specialized in the design and manufacture of drone products in China.

      I am writing to you with a desire to expand your business line with our hot-selling product: Minivet quadcopter, ready-to-fly aerial system with a 3-axis stabilized Gimbal, holding the integrated Camera. Sample and more info are available as requested. thanks.

  6. Sabrina Klein
    Sabrina Klein / 11-4-2021 / ·

    Hexo+ Autonomous Drone: The Flying Camera that Follows you!
    I am writing on behalf of the Hexo+ team, the Hexo+ is a revolutionary self-flying camera drone that allows users to capture amazing aerial footage of themselves, hands free and without any worries.
    As I strongly believe your fans and every drone fanatic would be interested in our kick-ass drone, we would like to know if you have the interest of working with us.
    If yes, please find the detailed information of the Hexo+ below:
    The Autonomous Drone
    Capable of auto-following and auto-filming the subject, the Hexo+ is a real game changer on the market. Designed for your fans and people who always want to take amazing Hollywood-style aerial shots and videos like a professional helicopter photographer. It is an user-own flying pet which follows in any situation.
    Control with a Streamlined App
    Being able to fly at a height of over 200 feet, boast a flying time of 15 minutes, with a maximum speed of 70Kmh (40Mph), the Hexo+ is a perfect flying camera to record all of the amazing moments. It can be controlled with a few simple gestures on the smartphone. Simply give it a number of commands, it will film automatically while users can focus on creating perfect moments and let it does the rest.
    Check out the awesome footage filmed by one of our brand ambassadors, a pro snowboarder, Xavier De Le Rue with our drone:
    And here is our drone in action in Swiss Alps:
    For more high-res pictures and material:
    If you are interested to work with us or I could be of further assistance, please kindly reply this email. Thank you and I look forward to receiving your favorable response.
    Your HEXO+ team
    Twitter: @hexopluslive – Instagram: @hexopluslive – Facebook: hexoplus

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