Airdog Drone Review

AirDog Drone Review

The AirDog Auto-follow Drone for GoPro Camera (aka AirDog Drone) is a foldable quadcopter designed for action sports enthusiasts. Its main feature that sets it apart from the rest of the existing quadcopters is the ability to track the user autonomously – enabling great aerial shots of your activities without the need for another person to fly the drone and record the footage. The AirDog drone is also unique in that it is funded primarily via, a crowd funding platform! At a $1,495 retail price, the AirDog drone is not exactly cheap – and it is slightly more expensive than the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+, one of its prime competitors. However, its auto-follow technology is something that DJI just doesn’t offer now, and if you order the AirDog right now the price is only $1,295. The downside? The AirDog is still in pre-order status; the first batch (which is sold out) is set to be shipped in February 2015, while the next batch (available now) is set to arrive in the second quarter of 2015, so around the May time frame.

Stay tuned for more info about the AirDog Auto-Follow Drone for GoPro and read our full AirDog Drone review when it is released!