Blade 350 QX Review

Blade 350 QX Review

The Blade 350 QX quadcopter is a solid package for anyone looking to get into aerial videography. It does not pack the same punch as the DJI Phantom series of quadcopters, but at its price point ($479 for a ready-to-fly version) it offers a decent value at the entry-level market. Read on for our full Blade 350 QX review!

Blade 350 QX Flying with Background Skaters

Blade 350 QX Specifications:

Ready-To-Fly Version (BLH7800A)

  • Full-range Spektrum™ DX5e transmitter
    with 4 AA batteries include
  • Lithium polymer(Li-Po) flight battery and charger included
  • Length: 465mm
  • Width: 465mm
  • Height: 138mm
  • Weight: 680grams
  • Flight Time: 10–15minutes
  • Completion Level: Ready-To-Fly
  • Assembly Required?: No


Blade 350 QX Features:

Stability Mode

In Stability Mode, SAFE technology limits the flight envelope of the 350 QX and enables self-leveling characteristics for consistent level flight even when pilot input is abruptly removed from the control sticks. In Stability Mode, GPS Position Hold is active when the pilot stops providing stick input.

Agility Mode

The 350 QX utilizes AS3X flight characteristics to deliver a robust flight experience. While flying in Agility Mode, the 350 QX can perform aerobatic maneuvers with extreme stability thanks to SAFE technology. Agility mode can only be activated by a DX6i transmitter or higher.

GPS & Altimeter Technology

GPS and altimeter sensors in the 350 QX provide the ability to remain in a specific position for stable aerial footage and peace of mind.

Return Home

Flip a switch and the 350 QX will automatically return to where its motors were started.

GoPro® Compatible

Thanks to four 1100Kv brushless motors and ample power from a 3S 2200mAh 30C Li-Po battery, the 350 QX has more than enough power to carry a GoPro® camera*. An anti-vibration camera mount** is included with purchase.

Stick Relativity

Move the cyclic stick on the transmitter right or left, and the 350 QX will move right or left relative to the pilot regardless of which way it’s pointing (Smart Mode only).

See Diagram

SAFE Circle™

Never worry about flying too close to yourself with this invisible pilot barrier (Smart Mode only).

See Diagram

AP Mode

Aerial Photography mode gives the 350 QX softer self-leveling characterisitcs to ensure the best footage possible from the onboard camera. AP mode also activates position holding capablilities allowing the 350 QX to lock into a desired GPS and altitude when the sticks are released.

Smart Mode

While in Smart mode, SAFE technology engages the innovative SAFE Circle™ which prevents the 350 QX from flying too close to its pilot. When in a hover, GPS and altimeter sensors keep the quadcopter in a consistent stable position. The stick relativity feature allows the 350 QX to follow the directional inputs from a pilot regardless of the orientation of the quadcopter.