DJI "Open Your Eyes" Video Short

DJI “Open Your Eyes” Video Short

DJI recently released a high quality video short that highlights the potential of two of its flagship products for video production and cinematography. The film, “Open Your Eyes” focuses on an authoritarian world where citizens are repressed. You can watch the three minute film here:

The film was shot with the DJI Ronin, which is a professional 3-axis stabilized hand held gimbal system. It is aimed towards the professional filmmaker, and it is designed to accommodate a wide range of optics systems. While the Ronin incorporates much of the technology from the gimbals found in DJI’s aerial platforms, this gimbal is a much heavier and larger device designed only to be carried (or mounted on a remote controlled car, as they did in the film!). At about $2,500, the Ronin is quite expensive and out of reach for most hobbyists, though I think we’ll see a less expensive and slightly smaller version come out pretty soon.

The aerial platform used was the DJI Spreading Wings S900, a high end hexacopter designed for video production. This model is a significant step up from the Phantom line of quadcopters, and was released prior to the most recent Inspire 1 line. The S900 is designed to accommodate a high quality gimbal paired with small-mid sized optics systems, so it is best for filmmakers who already have their own cameras and gear, and want complete control over the camera settings.

The end of the film features a more well known DJI Phantom 2 Vision+, though this quadcopter wasn’t used in the actual production and shooting of the film.

DJI also released a behind the scenes video showing what went into the production of “Open Your Eyes”. Its a great watch, as you see how the hexacopter really helps get those smooth aerial shots that add to the complexity of the cinematography. Additionally, the use of the R/C car for shooting with the Ronin is pretty unique and creates an awesome perspective. Check out the full video: