DJI Phantom Review

DJI Phantom Review

The DJI Phantom quadcopter really kicked off the consumer video quadcopter market in earnest when it was released back in January 2013. However, the original DJI Phantom (Version 1, basic model) is now very outdated. It has an older GPS and control system, its battery life is much shorter than the newer models, and it lacks the first-person-view capability for taking videos and pictures without pretty extensive modifications. For that reason, we no longer recommend the DJI Phantom 1 as a starter quadcopter for anyone at this point (November 2014). You can buy them for about $480 now, which is about $100 less than its successor, the DJI Phantom 2, but at the end of the day it simply isn’t worth it given the features that you are giving up. Instead, we now recommend the following models:

  • DJI Phantom 2 Vision+: The current gold standard for aerial videos and photos, the Vision+ has integrated full HD video, a 3-axis stabilized gimbal, and real-time FPV view. While pricey, it is definitely the best quadcopter for taking videos right now.
  • DJI Phantom 2: This is the improved model from the Phantom 1, and it requires a GoPro or other camera system if you’d like to take videos or pictures. Great for those who own their own video gear and don’t mind doing a little tinkering with a gimbal and/or FPV setup.
  • DJI FC40: A newer budget model, which we only recommend to those who simply can’t shell out the cash for the Phantom 2 Vision+. Lacks full HD and stabilization is nowhere near as good as on the higher models.

We hope that helps you as you decide which DJI Phantom model of quadcopter to buy! While the original Phantom is no longer recommended, it was an amazing model that really opened the door to the mass commercialization of quadcopters and consumer drone filming.

To give you a sense of what is possible with the DJI Phantom and a GoPro, check out this DJI Phantom video:

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