DJI S1000 Review

The DJI S1000 octocopter is DJI’s latest and greatest for the aerial photography and videography community. The S1000 is intended to supplement DJI’s existing and very popular S800 airframe, and enable users to carry higher payloads and more advanced cameras. Read on for our full DJI S1000 review!


DJI introduces the S1000 octocopter in its promotional video:


Aerial Media Pros give a great quick look and first flight review in their DJI S1000 review:


Aerial Media Pros provide a great unboxing DJI S1000 review:


Once we have our hands on a full DJI S100 octocopter, we’ll update with our extensive DJI S1000 review! Right now, we’re optimistic that the S1000 will be a great option for those who enjoyed the S800 but who just wanted a little more payload capacity. And for those Phantom II Vision quadcopter users who have mastered that craft but seek higher definition video and more advanced camera and video options, the S1000 is a sure bet – though it will be a bit pricier!