Estes Proto X FPV Review

Estes Proto X FPV Review

The Estes Proto X FPV quadcopter is a small sized quadcopter that can take high definition videos. It looks similar to the popular Proto X nano quadcopter, but the Proto X FPV is significantly larger than its predecessor and has many differences in both design and function. The Estes Proto X FPV quadcopter is a great option if you’re looking for a budget quadcopter to take HD videos, though the footage is nowhere near what you can get with a DJI Phantom or a Parrot Bebop Drone. Read on for more thoughts on this tiny quadcopter in our Estes Proto X FPV review!



Estes Proto X FPV Review – Final Thoughts



Estes Proto X FPV Specifications and Dealer Information

Enjoy the immersive experience of first-person view flying, and record your adventures to share with friends with the Proto-X FPV Quadcopter from Estes. This 4.5″ diagonal mini quadcopter is ready-to-fly – meaning no assembly is required – and includes an integrated flight camera with 720p, 30 fps recording capability. So you can fly with a copter’s eye view, the transmitter (radio controller) features a 4.5″ LCD screen and built-in video receiver. Video can be recorded either within the camera or remotely on the transmitter – in either instance, a microSD card is used. A single 2GB microSD card and USB card reader come in the box.

A computerized flight control system with multiple flight modes means the Proto-X is suitable for all skill levels. By default, full safties are enabled to help keep the quadcopter flying even if the pilot makes an overzealous move. For experienced multi-rotor fliers, Expert Mode can be enabled to unlock the Proto-X’s full potential. In this mode, aerial acrobatics including flips become possible. The Proto-X is suitable for indoor use, and can be flown outside as long as wind is minimal.

Propelling the quadcopter is a 650mAh LiPo battery, which is included along with a USB charging cable. The transmitter powers from four standard AA batteries, available separately.

A 2.4 GHz, 6-channel transmitter (radio controller) comes included and no assembly is required. The only thing you will need for it is four AA batteries. The transmitter features a 4.5″ LCD display showing a live feed from the flight camera. A nondetachable LCD hood is included for use outdoors in bright sunlightNote: Be sure to follow the pre-flight setup instructions in the manual before your first flight
First-Person View Fun
The integrated 720p camera in the Proto-X plus a 4.5″ full-color display on the transmitter (radio controller) combine to give you an immersive FPV (first-person view) flying experience. On top of that, you can record your aerial adventures to share with friends – for this purpose, a 2GB microSD card and USB card reader are included
On-Board or Transmitter Video Recording
You have two choices for recording video: placing a microSD card in the camera itself; or placing a microSD card in the transmitter. The advantage of using the transmitter is that you can start and stop recording as you like; the advantage of recording in-camera is higher quality (720p at 30 fps) and an image that is free from radio static. A single 2GB card is included in the box – however, with a second card you can record both in-camera and to transmitter at the same time
Intelligent Flight Control System
A 3-axis gyro plus three accelerometers provide the flight control system (the on-board computer) with essential data to help ensure a stable flying condition – even during the most daring aerial acrobatics
Expert Mode
In this mode, computerized intervention is minimized to give advanced pilots the greatest degree of flying freedom
Flip Mode
When in Expert Mode, you can use rapid stick movements to flip the Proto-X in any direction – left, right, front, back (refer to manual for details)Note: The Proto-X will not flip if the battery is too low
Seven LED Running Lights
Seven on-board running lights add to the fun, and allow visual contact with the Proto-X to be maintained at night
650mAh 1S LiPo Battery Included
The included flight battery features USB charging, making it easy to find a power source from which to refuel. A USB power cord also comes in the box
Spare Rotors In the Box
A set of four spare rotor blades are included, as well as a special “U” wrench used to remove and install them