Ghost Drone on IndieGoGo

Check out this great new video enabled quadcopter that is about to hit the market – the “Ghost Drone” or just the Ghost. It is currently being developed through an Indiegogo campaign, and be sure to check out the site for updates and information. Pre-orders are available now (but only through December 10th so act soon!) and the Ghost will start shipping in early January 2015, but the sooner you contribute the earlier you’ll receive your Ghost Drone!

The founders of the campaign have this to say about why they developed the Ghost Drone and what their background is:

“We are an international team of flight enthusiasts and adventurers, and founded Ehang to remove the barriers to drone use so everyone could enjoy aerial filming. Drones are traditionally hard to pilot, easy to crash, and expensive. We developed our first product, the Ghost Drone, to address these challenges so you can discover a new way to capture magic around the earth.

Pre-order your drone to help us generate the volume we need to lower the cost for you and bring you additional features. Vote with your dollars and tell us which features you want us to develop.

Unlike many other drones being advertised, the Ghost Drone will be ready to ship between mid-December and end of January at the latest. With its lower price point and easy-to-use smartphone app, the Ghost Drone will make the perfect gift for first-time users and drone lovers alike.”

The Ghost Drone promises to be a pretty solid option for anyone looking for a decent video quadcopter setup to start filming – it is priced a little below the DJI Phantom series, and offers some innovative features that the Phantom doesn’t have (pure mobile device control, auto-follow, etc.). Its also an interesting approach to fund raise for the development of the drone via a crowdfunding site. Judging from the popularity of the campaign, the Ghost Drone is already very successful! The initial goal was $100,000, but the founders of Ghost Drone have now (as of 11/23) raised over $350,000. However, with each increase in funding the team is able to add more features to the Ghost Drone so the more people contribute the better! You can check out their full site on the Indiegogo Ghost Drone page.

Ghost Drone Dimensions

We’ll save the full analysis and review of the drone until we have one in our hands (early January 2015), but from the initial read we’re excited about what we see. The tri blade propellers are a bit of a deviation from the standard quadcopter design, though Parrot is using them in their new Bebop Drone as well. Other than that, the design looks pretty similar to a DJI Phantom quadcopter, similar size and weight – though the Ghost Drone will come in multiple colors which is nice!

The addition of the gimbal will make shooting videos easy for anyone with a GoPro, but we’d rather see a 3D gimbal rather than 2D – we’re guessing this was a necessary cost saving move though. In any event, the Ghost Drone looks to be very promising and at $375 for just the quadcopter itself, it is quite competitive with many other video quadcopter setups on the market now. Definitely check out the Indiegogo page for the Ghost Drone to learn more about the quadcopter and reserve yours now! Also, check back soon as we’ll be publishing a full review of the Ghost Drone once we have a chance to put it through the paces!