Quadcopter Manufacturers

Quadcopter Manufacturers

The quadcopter industry is changing rapidly. The market is expanding as technology improves and costs decrease, and it can be difficult to keep track of what companies are even making the various models out there! We try to keep this list of quadcopter manufacturers as up to date as possible, but please shoot us an email if we’ve left any major ones off. Also, be sure to visit our Best Quadcopters page for the best models out there right now!

DJI Innovations – DJI Innovations is headquartered out of Shenzhen, China and it offers a range of mid-high end unmanned aerial systems (UAS) platforms – particularly around quadcopters. Its products are aimed at both hobbyists and professionals, and DJI really created the “Prosumer” market in quadcopter with the Phantom model. The Phantom 3 Professional with 4K HD video is one of the best ready-to-fly video enabled quadcopter solutions. DJI is one of the most highly respected quadcopter manufacturers out there today and if offers a higher end model, the DJI Inspire 1, for those with more serious aspirations!

3D Robotics – 3D Robotics is a VC-backed startup based out of Berkeley, CA and has over 350 employees. They produce their quadcopters in Tijuana, Mexico and their engineering department is based in San Diego. 3D Robotics was founded by Chris Anderson, who also started DIYDrones.com, and Jordi Munoz. 3D Robotics has rapidly established itself in the consumer drone marketplace and in May 2015 it launched its latest model, the Solo Drone.

Hubsan – Hubsan is another shop based out of Dong Guan, China and has become fairly well known recently with its Hubsan X4 models, including the Hubsan X4 H107C.

Syma Toys – Syma is a Chinese quadcopter manufacturer best known for their traditional R/C helicopters, though they have recently broken into the quadcopter market with the highly popular and extremely affordable Syma X1 mini-quadcopter. With a retail price of $50 and usually available around $35, the Syma X1 is a great start for novices looking to get started with quadcopters. Syma is located in the Chenghai district of Shantou City, China and has global distribution for its aerial products. Another great Syma product is the X12 Nano, a tiny quadcopter that is also very affordable.

Parrot – Parrot really kicked off the quadcopter craze with the AR.Drone series of quadcopters, but now the company sells primarily its Bebop Drone model. Parrot is expected to release an updated Bebop in December 2015, and it also sells a smaller quad, the Rolling Spider MiniDrone, though its reception and sales have been less than stellar. The French company, founded in 1994, has its roots in wireless devices for mobile phones (i.e. Bluetooth hands free kits).

Yuneec Electric Aviation - Yuneec is a bit of a newcomer to the quadcopter market, though it has a longer history in fixed wing aviation and electric products. Yunnec International, the parent company, is based on Jiangsu, China and has over 1,800 employees. Yuneec offers two quadcopter product lines: the Typhoon (comparable to a DJI Phantom) and the Tornado (comparable to DJI Inspire).

Blade / Horizon Hobby – Blade is a subsidiary of Horizon Hobby, Inc. – a hobby product distributor based out of Champaign, Illinois. Horizon Hobby manufactures and distributes a wide range of R/C craft and many other hobby products as well. Blade sells a range of different R/C helicopters and now has several quadcopters, though by far its most popular model is the Blade Nano QX, a great beginner quadcopter to learn on before moving up to a DJI Phantom.

Walkera - Walkera is another Chinese quadcopter manufacturer that offers a wide range of quadcopter models, though its most popular is the QR Ladybird, a low-priced and highly maneuverable micro-quadcopter. Walkera also manufacturers R/C helicopters, larger quadcopters, and other aerial vehicles designed specifically for FPV (First Person View) video recording.

XAircraft America – XAircraft America is a smaller shop based out of beautiful Charleston, SC. They offer ready-to-fly quadcopters with integrated FPV capabilities as well as DIY kits. Their X650 Pro flagship model is extremely stable and can take amazing videos, and XAircraft offers a FPV kit with it as well. While their products are a bit more costly than some of the other quadcopters mentioned here, their high quality and local U.S. based customer support make it a worthwhile investment.

WLToys – WLtoys is a registered brand of Shantou Chenghai Welei Toys Industrial Co. based in China. WLToys offers a range of R/C toys, including vehicles, helicopters, and quadcopters. One of their more popular models is the V959 quadcopter.


If you know of any other quadcopter manufacturers that you feel should be featured here, please shoot us an email at feedback@quadcopterhq.com. Thanks!

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  1. Mike
    Mike / 9-13-2015 / ·

    Great list but not complete.. http://www.eyeondrones.com/drone-quadcopter-manufacturers-and-suppliers-our-ultimate-list/ has more manufacturers listed

  2. Michael
    Michael / 10-22-2015 / ·

    Yuneec Electric Aviation should be up here. They’re giving DJI a run for their money and they have much better customer service and technical support.

    1. Michael
      Michael / 10-22-2015 / ·

      P.S. Yuneec manufactures blade products

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  4. Morrow Clay
    Morrow Clay / 12-17-2015 / ·

    ELF VRDrone is smartphone controlled hexacopter with HD camera, sold at $99. http://elfx.cc/

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