RTF or BNF Quadcopters

RTF or BNF quadcopters – which one should I buy?

As you’re browsing the various quadcopter models available, you’ll oftentimes see models labeled either RTF or BNF. So what does RTF and BNF mean? These acronyms refer to whether or not they have a remote controller included within the package. If they do, then they are Ready to Fly (RTY) – no additional equipment to get it going out of the box! The other type is Bind-N-Fly (BNF), which essentially means that only the quadcopter itself is included. The BNF edition allows you to “bind”, or pair, your favorite controller with the quadcopter. This can be helpful if you have a more advanced controller or simply just want to use the same controller for all your devices.

If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend buying a RTF version. You don’t have to worry about radio/receiver compatibility and as soon as your quadcopter shows up, you are ready to fly! If you start to get serious about the hobby, then it may be the time to think about BNF versions – and you can save a decent amount of money with them too, as they are often $20-$30 cheaper than the RTF editions. Hope that this helped explain the differences between RTF vs BNF versions, check out my other FAQs for more info!