Syma X1 Battery

I always recommend that people buy at least one extra battery either right when they purchase a quadcopter, or soon thereafter. Flight times are usually about 8-15 minutes with most quadcopters, and the Syma X1 has a flight time of about eight minutes, though that depends on your environment and the style of flying. In this article I’ll overview a few Syma X1 battery replacement options.

Since the batteries take a while to charge (a little over an hour typically) its no fun to fly for 10 minutes then wait! But if you have a backup battery (or three or four) you can get a much longer time out flying and improve your skills quicker and have more fun.

There are several Syma X1 battery replacement options out there. All of them are Li-Po (lithium polymer) batteries and the stock battery included is a 3.7 volt 350 mAh with a JST connector. The 350 mAh designates the capacity of the battery, so the higher it is the more power it holds and theoretically, the longer it can fly. However, as batteries increase in mAh they also increase in size and weight so it takes more power to actually fly the quadcopter. Therefore I recommend either sticking with the 350 mAh size or going up a bit in mAh, while recognizing that you probably won’t get a direct linear increase in flight time.

If you want to do the stock battery (350 mAh) route, the cheapest I have found them is here: Syma X1 Battery Replacement on They were about $4.20 at the time that I checked, and if you order more than one you can get discounts. I have used three of these batteries and have been very happy about their performance. Shipping is free, though they do take a while to actually arrive – I’d factor about three weeks as they come from abroad and are clearly not expedited, though for the price I think it is overall a great value.

If you’re interested in a higher capacity Syma X1 battery, check out these on Amazon: Syma X1 Battery 600 mAh by QuadCopterCity or the Lectron Pro Syma X1 Battery Upgrade

Both of these will last you longer, but they are a bit more expensive at around $10 per battery.Still, if you plan to be flying a significant amount – especially if you need to travel to the flight location – it can be worth it to invest in multiple, longer-flight time batteries!


Lectron Pro Batteries for Syma X1


Also, make sure that you use a battery charger that will limit charging once you reach a certain capacity, otherwise you could damage the battery or cause an adverse chemical reaction! I’ll put another post up about chargers and charging soon, but if you have any questions in the meantime let me know.


Will these batteries still work if they go through your washing machine?

Amazingly, yes! I threw four batteries through my washing machine accidentally, I had them in my shorts pockets. After a thorough drying (not in the dryer though, noticed them before that!) they ended up working fine. I wouldn’t recommend doing this of course, but good to know that your Syma X1 batteries are pretty durable!