Syma X1 Review

I recently bought a Syma X1 Quadcopter for just under $36 on Amazon, including shipping! It arrived promptly (thanks to Amazon Prime) and came well-packaged in a regular retail box. I have been playing around with it the last few days and I have to say, for the price it is an excellent value. For the beginner, it is definitely the first quadcopter to get because of its ease of operation and low-cost. Even for more advanced enthusiasts I’d still recommend it as a back or just to add to your arsenal! Read on for the full Syma X1 Review.

It came with everything you need and it was ready to fly right out of the box, the battery is already partially pre-charged. It included:

  • Syma X1 Quadcopter – I purchased the UFO model, though Syma also offers a spacecraft model and a Bumblebee model
  • Transmitter/Remote Control
  • 1 3.7 volt 350mAh Lipo battery
  • USB Charging cable with LED indicator
  • Instruction Manual (which is not that clear or helpful…)
  • 1 set of replacement rotors (4)

The first step is to instal 4 AA batteries into the transmitter/remote control. Then, you install the Lipo battery in the bottom of the quadcopter – right after this, you should place the quadcopter on the ground or some other level surface (table, desk, counter, etc.) in order for it to “learn” what is level ground. This is very important because it gives the gyroscopes their bearing. If you had the quad at an angle during this step, it would never hover correctly – it would always pull one way and would be very difficult to control.

The quad blinks rapidly after you set it down – now you should turn the switch on the remote to On and they will mate together. Press the altitude stick (left) up and down to activate the rotors, then you’re ready to fly!

A quick note on controlling and flying for the first time – its going to be a little tough! Don’t panic, and always remember that if the quadcopter is spinning out of control, you can always just let off the altitude stick (left stick) and the quad will descend or drop. Its very easy to jam the stick up in a minute of panic, but this will probably make the problem worse. The right remote stick controls forward, backward, leftward, and rightward movement or “sway”. The key is to remember which way the quadcopter is pointing, otherwise it can be difficult to veer away from objects.

All in all, the Syma x1 is very stable, easy to control, and quite capable – but it will take some practice, probably a few flights, before you feel totally comfortable with it. Its motors are quite strong and as I mentioned earlier, despite some cringe-worthy crashes there was no visible damage to the quad at all. The battery lasts almost 10 minutes, though this depends on how hard you are flying it. The battery takes over an hour to charge, so I definitely recommend purchasing a few more batteries to extend your flying time without long breaks! There are a few different options – some with higher capacity (more mAh) and in a future post I’ll outline some of the pros and cons of each. When I first heard the flying time I thought it sounded low, but most quadcopters are in this range. Due to the weight of batteries, it is difficult to achieve longer flying times – higher capacity means a longer time spinning, but the additional weight from the battery means that you “lose” a lot of the extra capacity because the craft has to work harder.

To recap, the Syma X1 is a great starter quadcopter and I believe it is the best buy in terms of bang for your buck right now in the consumer quadcopter world. It is very stripped down and doesn’t offer any advanced features, but it flies great, is durable, and is very affordable. Highly recommend it and we hope you enjoyed our Syma X1 review!


  • Price – $50 retail, less than $40 with free shipping online
  • Availability – unlike some quadcopters, the Syma X1 is carried widely in many hobby shops and available online easily
  • Light weight yet fairly durable
  • Includes remote controller and can be mated to other, more advanced, remotes
  • Good flight time (8 – 10 minutes)
  • Reasonably priced and widely available replacement parts


  • Somewhat limited range (don’t expect to go down a whole football field)
  • UFO model makes it difficult to tell which way is forward (not an issue on Spacecraft or Bumblebee)

As you can see, the pros definitely overwhelm the cons, so I’m giving the Syma X1 a strong endorsement! Hope that you enjoyed the Syma X1 review and let me know if you have any questions I can answer!

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