Syma X11C Review

Syma X11C Review

The Syma X11C quadcopter is a new offering for Syma, which is well known for its entry-level indoor/outdoor X1 and X5c models. The Syma X11C is a small sized quadcopter with HD video capability, and it is similar to the Hubsan X4 in terms of design, price point, and features. At about $40, the Syma X11C quadcopter is a great value and it is stable, easy to fly, and lots of fun. Read on for our full Syma X11C review!

Syma X11C Quadcopter



Syma X11C Box

The Syma X11C comes in a standard cardboard box with pretty much everything you need to begin flying, minus 4x AA batteries for the remote control:

  • Syma X11C quadcopter
  • One 3.7V 250mAh LiPo battery
  • 2.4Ghz Remote Controller
  • One USB charging cable
  • Four extra propellers
  • One 4GB microSD card
  • One USB microSD card reader
  • Attached propeller guard
  • Syma X11C product manual

Overall, the Syma X11C comes very well equipped. While you’ll have to buy 4 AA batteries before you can fly, it is great that Syma included an SD card, the SD card reader, and extra propellers – nice touches at this price point.

Syma X11C Quadcopter, Remote, and Accessories


Syma X11C Design

The Syma X11C quadcopter has a pretty typical micro quadcopter design, with a plastic shell body, four plastic arms extending to the propellers and motors, and a plastic ring to protect the propellers from damage (especially during indoor flight). One thing to note is that the propeller guard is built in – it may be possible to pop it off, but it looks like it was designed to always be there during indoors and outdoors flight. It adds a bit of weight, but it does do a great job at shielding the props from damage so I think it was a smart move on Syma’s part.

View of Propeller Guard, Battery Compartment, and MicroSD Slot

View of Propeller Guard, Battery Compartment, and MicroSD Slot

The propellers are geared, which is something you usually see on a little bit larger quadcopters. You’ll want to make sure that they stay clean and free of debris, but the are fairly well enclosed so that shouldn’t be much of an issue. There are four LEDs on the bottom of the craft to help you orient it, and in the front there is the camera.

The battery slides into the back of the quadcopter and there is a ridged piece of plastic that helps hold it in while flying.If you are familiar with the Hubsan X4 H107C quadcopter, then the Syma X11C will be very familiar – they are essentially the same quadcopter! They have nearly the same footprint and and an extremely similar design. Overall, the Syma X11C has a solid design that should perform well in flight and also stand up to crashes.

Syma X11C Review

Syma X11C Review


The Syma X11C is easy to fly and quick to learn on. The remote control is a good size and it feels very similar to an Xbox controller. On some quads of this size you get a much smaller controller, so it was nice to see that Syma included a full-sized one. The quadcopter has plenty of power, and feels very responsive even on the lower sensitivity setting. If you’re flying outdoors or in a larger indoor space, you may want to bump the sensitivity and aggressiveness up to high, as you’ll feel much more in control and you’ll be able to do more advanced maneuvers.

The only downside I saw in the Syma X11C was the relatively slow yaw, which is the movement orienting the quadcopter left or right – i.e. spinning around on its own axis. I’d prefer a little bit quicker yaw rate, or a variable yaw rate depending on how far you moved the control stick. But this is a minor quibble, and overall the Syma X11C quadcopter is a blast to fly.

Camera and Video

The Syma X11C comes with a HD video camera and it is very easy to shoot video from it – all you do is make sure that the microSD card is in the quadcopter, plug in the battery for the quadcopter, match the remote to it, and then press the small black button on the left rear side of the quad.

Camera and Lens

Camera and Lens

The video quality is unfortunately not that great, but it is on par with other offerings in the $30 range for this size of quadcopter. Given that there is no stabilization, video footage is going to be very shaky and buzzy, and overall image quality is pretty poor. Still, for practicing filming and flying its not bad at all, and outdoors in good light you can get some pretty decent shots – just don’t expect to see anything like the smooth video shots you can get with the DJI Phantom 3 or the Inspire 1!

Charging and Battery

The battery takes about 40 minutes to charge, though the manual says that it should take about 70 minutes (which would be very high!). The manual says that it gets about 5 minutes, but in our real world testing we were averaging more like 7-8 minutes which is on par with comparable quadcopters. Charging is easy with the supplied USB charger, and since you can swap out batteries I’d highly recommend that you purchase a few extra and have them pre-charged so you can enjoy uninterrupted flying.

Extra Props, Battery, MicroSD card reader, and Remote

Extra Props, Battery, MicroSD card reader, and Remote

Final Verdict – Syma X11C Review

Overall, the Syma X11C is a great quadcopter for beginners and intermediate flyers alike. It offers video capability in a reasonably priced package, a smart design with a strong propeller guard, and solid stabilization that makes for easy flying. You won’t get great HD footage from this quad, but its a good one to practice on before moving up to the Phantom or Inspire level drones. Check out our recommendations for Best Quadcopters and we hope you enjoyed our Syma X11C Review!

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