Syma X12 Nano Review

Syma X12 Nano Review

The Syma X12 Nano quadcopter is Syma’s entry into the ultra-small quadcopter market. While extremely small in size, it packs a punch and is great fun to fly. Read on for our full Syma X12 Nano review!


The Syma X12 quadcopter comes in a small cardboard box with a clear plastic window, so you can see the aircraft before buying. It comes will all the quadcopter accessories you need to start flying, including:

  • Syma X12 Nano Quadcopter
  • One included (and integrated) 3.7V 100mAh Li-Po battery
  • 2.4 Ghz Transmitter
  • One USB charging cable
  • Extra set of propellers
  • Miniature screwdriver (for aircraft disassembly)
  • Instruction manual

Syma X12 Nano Quadcopter Design

The Syma X12 is obviously a nano quadcopter, meaning that this thing is pretty tiny! It measures just 45mm x 45mm (the same size as the Estes Proto X quadcopter) and is 27mm tall. It weighs in at a petite 13.3 grams, a slight bit heavier than the Estes Proto X. It may be due to the fact that the Syma X12 has a white plastic frame covering the entire quadcopter, which would add a little bit of weight. You can catch a glimpse of the motors, but it is tough to see any of the electronics or actual structure of the quadcopter without taking apart the outside frame. On the bottom of the frame are rubber feet to help absorb the shock of landing, which hopefully should prolong the life of the quadcopter.

The propellers are pretty standard but look fairly solid and well constructed, and in any event Syma has included an extra spare set which is a plus. On the back, there’s a port for the USB charging cable and right above that, the actual on/off switch for the quadcopter. On top, there are four recessed LEDs – two green ones for the front, and two red ones on the back. However, since they’re on the top of the aircraft they can be a bit tough to see when you’re flying above eye level. I’d recommend that Syma put LEDs on both the top and the bottom of the quadcopter next time! The front of the craft has a clear white LED that is actually quite bright. This one also helps you orient the quadcopter.

Overall, I’d say that the Syma X12 Nano quadcopter has a very solid design. While it doesn’t seem very user friendly in terms of replacing parts (though it is helpful that they include a screwdriver), that’s often the case with micro/nano quadcopters. In the few crashes I’ve had since owning it nothing has cracked or broken, which is a good sign. Also, this may just be the case on the white version, but it looks a lot like a tiny DJI Phantom!


The Syma X12 Nano is very easy to fly and similar to any other quadcopter in this category. There are multiple levels of sensitivity and aggressiveness in controls, which are briefly explained in the product manual. It is quite fun and will definitely entertain you and your friends for a while! The Syma X12 nano quadcopter also has a built in flip routine. All you have to do is get it to a reasonable height (6+ feet and not near anything) and then hit the upper right switch on the top of the controller.

Charging and Battery

The Syma X12 Nano comes with a 100mAh Li-Po battery integrated into the shell of the quadcopter, which is enough to give you about five minutes of flying. This is about par for the nano quadcopter segment, though it is a bit on the short side. The USB charger only takes about 20 minutes in my experience to charge fully (the manual said 40-50). So while the flying time is short, the wait is very reasonable. The downside to these nano quadcopter is that there’s really no way to hot-swap batteries in there and use additional pre-charged ones – you’re stuck waiting either way.

Remote Control

The included remote control is actually quite large, especially when compared to the controller for the Estes Proto X quadcopter. The Syma X12 controller resembles an Xbox controller and it is roughly the same size as your average video game controller. I think it is a great size and feels very natural in your hands, though it is a bit funny to have one so large for such a small craft. It takes 4 AA batteries (not included) and pairs very quickly to the quadcopter.

Final Verdict

The Syma X12 Nano quadcopter is a great value in the micro/nano quadcopter market. It offers a lot of features in its small package, and is easy and fun to fly for beginners and those with significant quadcopter experience. Its rugged design should hold up for countless flights (and crashes) without issues and given the success of the Syma X1 quadcopter, I imagine the X12 will find a lot of fans as well. If you’re in the market for a small quadcopter, you can’t go wrong with it! Check out our other picks for best quadcopters here as well: Best Quadcopters.

Where to Buy

We recommend for purchasing the Syma X12 Nano quadcopter (or any of your quadcopters!) because of their low prices, quick shipping, excellent customer service, and wide range of other products. Please do let me know if you find it at another retailer for cheaper and similar shipping speed though!

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